Trip Reports

Trip Reports

The places I've been. The pictures I've taken.
The scars I've earned along the way.

"There are no unsacred places; there are only
sacred places and desecrated places."

- Wendell Berry

17th Sep 12

Back to Castle Creek

This is another trip back to Castle Creek.  Funny enough, it’s almost a year to the day from when I was back here last.
23rd Aug 12

Hemlock Creek/Yakso Falls

I recently took two trips to Hemlock Creek, specifically the trail that leads between Hemlock Lake and Lake in the Woods.  It’s the first time I’d been back since this trip 2 years ago.
9th Aug 12

Little River Rock Area

Here is the pile of pictures that didn’t really fit in with the rock adventure, though all were taken along that trip.
9th Aug 12

Little River Rock

I started snooping around an area in Little River on Google Earth and found something worth exploring.
23rd Jul 12

Linton Creek up to the Plateau

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey and I headed back up to Linton Creek to see what we’d missed the last time.
27th Jun 12

Cedar Creek Falls

I headed up Little River to check out Cedar Creek Falls
26th May 12

Shadow Falls Area

This is from a couple trips up Cavitt Creek as I headed towards Shadow Falls.  Here’s what I found.
11th May 12

East Fork of the Coquille Waterfalls

Here is a collection of a couple trips up the Coos Bay Wagon Road.
7th Apr 12

Wolf Creek

I went to a touristy trail and also found a seldom-seen waterfall.
7th Mar 12

Unnamed Waterfall – 2-24-12

I had a bit of extra time on the way back from Castle Creek, so I hit an unnamed waterfall.