Trip Reports

Trip Reports

The places I've been. The pictures I've taken.
The scars I've earned along the way.

"There are no unsacred places; there are only
sacred places and desecrated places."

- Wendell Berry

7th Jul 13

Rock Creek Falls

I headed back up Rock Creek with the intent on checking off a couple bushwhack waterfalls.
17th Jun 13

Zig Zag Falls

My hiking partner, Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey, told me of a couple waterfalls worth checking out.  Turns out, we were talking about different places.  I took a couple scouting trips and still found a waterfall.
15th May 13

Willow Creek Return

I took a hike back up to Willow Creek with the goal in mind being to get better pictures of the upper waterfalls. 
16th Apr 13

Rough-skinned Newts and Brummit Valley

I took a break from the Cascades, hung a left, and headed west into the Coast Range looking for rough-skinned newts and waterfalls.
1st Apr 13

Downstream from Toketee Falls

Toketee Falls is one of the high-volume tourist destinations in Southern Oregon.  Downstream from the waterfall seems to not be explored much.
13th Mar 13

Little River

This was a trip I took up Little River to Little River Rock back in December 2012.
15th Feb 13

Rock Creek

This is a collection of a couple trips I took up Rock Creek looking for two waterfalls that are hard to get to.
3rd Feb 13

Brice Creek

Back in December, Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey and I decided to head east of Cottage Grove up Brice Creek to do the Trestle Creek Trail loop.
24th Dec 12

Mushroom Macros

Lots of fungus among us on the Dread and Terror portion of this trip.  Mushrooms are good subjects because they have multiple complex features with differing textures.  Better than that, though, they hold still.
21st Dec 12

Upper North Umpqua Waterfalls

Here are some various waterfall shots from the Dread and Terror trip that didn’t fit well into that report.