Trip Reports

The places I've been. The pictures I've taken.
The scars I've earned along the way.

"There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places." 

~ Wendell Berry

3rd Sep 16

Return to Topinka Falls

I took a hike back into Topinka Falls and it reminded me why it’s such a great place.
26th Apr 16

Emile Creek Exploration and Flagstone Falls

I hit a couple small waterfalls on Emile Creek and I ran down a tall one elsewhere that could open up another adventure later on.
18th Mar 16

Canton Creek Area

It had been many years since I had been up Canton Creek so on a whim, I took a left and headed up, looking for find something interesting.
12th Mar 16

Devil’s Staircase Attempt – OOPS!

I took an ill-fated trip  into the Devil’s Staircase.  Well…at least halfway there…
29th Feb 16

Newts and Flowers

I went back to a pond I visited previously to attempt some good newt pics.  Here’s what I found…
17th Feb 16

Backpacking to Eileen Lake

I took a solo backpacking trip to Eileen Lake via the Pacific Crest Trail instead of coming in from Linton Lake and saw some amazing views.
14th Feb 16

Detroit Lake Waterfalls

The premise: camp in a place I had never been to with people I had never met and hike to a waterfall few had ever been to before.  What could go wrong?
8th Jan 16

Proxy Falls and Linton Falls

My wife and I took a hiking vacation up the McKenzie River and we found some good stuff.
20th Dec 15

Lost Creek Falls – 2015

After a decade away, I headed back to Lost Creek Falls.
landscapes, Waterfalls, water, trees
6th Dec 15

Lost Creek Falls – 2005

This is the tale of one of the more impressive places I’ve been.  This set of pictures is from a few trips back in 2005.