Trip Reports

Trip Reports

The places I've been. The pictures I've taken.
The scars I've earned along the way.

"There are no unsacred places; there are only
sacred places and desecrated places."

- Wendell Berry

14th Feb 16

Detroit Lake Waterfalls

The premise: camp in a place I had never been to with people I had never met and hike to a waterfall few had ever been to before.  What could go wrong?
8th Jan 16

Proxy Falls and Linton Falls

My wife and I took a hiking vacation up the McKenzie River and we found some good stuff.
20th Dec 15

Lost Creek Falls – 2015

After a decade away, I headed back to Lost Creek Falls.
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6th Dec 15

Lost Creek Falls – 2005

This is the tale of one of the more impressive places I’ve been.  This set of pictures is from a few trips back in 2005.
23rd Nov 15

Around The Big Cave

I went back to the area with the Big Cave in it to see if I could find more caves and interesting spots.
10th Nov 15

The Big Cave

I had heard a whisper of an impressive cave in Southern Oregon. Considering caves are pretty hit-and-miss here, I was interested enough to take a wild shot at finding it.
3rd Nov 15

The Green Pool

I was looking for waterfalls that were difficult to get to and found one.  There were no pictures online and no tales of anyone getting to it.  It sounded perfect for an adventure.
20th Oct 15

The Devil’s Staircase

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey and I made another attempt at the notorious Devil’s Staircase.
19th Jun 14

A Tale of Two Falls

I’ve been curious about an obscure waterfall on the south side of the North Umpqua River for quite a while and decided to hunt it down.
15th May 14

Watson Falls and Jack Falls

This trip goes to a few different spots, all up the North Umpqua, and with some ideas regarding the history of Watson Falls.