Little River Waterfalls

I took a trip up Little River to met up with Cooper Franklin and we hit some old favorites.

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Little River Area Madness

I took a break from hunting caves and rock formations and went after some waterfalls.  This change felt good.  Read more

Emile Creek Return - Macros

This is the word-lite post containing the macro shots from the Return to Emile Creek.Read more

Return to Emile Creek

To get back in the swing of things, I took at trip up Emile Creek to find a new waterfall. Or was it...?

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Return to Topinka Falls

I took a hike back into Topinka Falls and it reminded me why it's such a great place.
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Emile Creek Exploration and Flagstone Falls

I hit a couple small waterfalls on Emile Creek and I ran down a tall one elsewhere that could open up another adventure later on.

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A Tale of Two Falls

I had been curious about an obscure waterfall on the south side of the North Umpqua River for quite a while and decided to hunt it down.

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Willow Creek Return

I went back into Willow Creek with the goal being to get better pictures of the upper waterfalls.
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Little River

This was a trip I took up Little River to Little River Rock back in December 2012.

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Hemlock Creek and Yakso Falls

I recently took two trips to Hemlock Creek, specifically the trail that leads between Hemlock Lake and Lake in the Woods. It's the first time I'd been back since this trip 2 years ago.

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