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Devil of a Staircase

My long battle with the Devil’s Staircase came to a head this past spring.

Devil’s Staircase Attempt – OOPS!

I took an ill-fated trip  into the Devil’s Staircase.  Well…at least halfway there…

Newts and Flowers

I went back to a pond I visited previously to attempt some good newt pics.  Here’s what I found…

Lost Creek Falls – 2015

After a decade away, I headed back to Lost Creek Falls.

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Lost Creek Falls – 2005

This is the tale of one of the more impressive places I’ve been.  This set of pictures is from a few trips back in 2005.

The Devil’s Staircase

Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey and I made another attempt at the notorious Devil’s Staircase.

Sandstone Falls

This is the conglomeration of a few different trips.  I kind of stumbled upon this place, not knowing what to expect.  What I found was one of the most unique sites around.

Rough-skinned Newts and Brummit Valley

I took a break from the Cascades, hung a left, and headed west into the Coast Range looking for rough-skinned newts and waterfalls.

East Fork of the Coquille Waterfalls

Here is a collection of a couple trips up the Coos Bay Wagon Road.

The Devil’s Staircase Scouting Trip

We finally got around to going to The Devil’s Staircase.  Maybe next time we’ll actually make it there.