Coast Range Exploration

While doing some file maintenance, I came across a folder of photos from a trip back in April of '17 that I had barely looked through and had mostly forgotten about.  While I didn't really succeed in getting to any of the places I wanted, there was still some interesting things going on.

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Crack Cave

I stumbled upon an interesting cave and took a look around.

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Devil's Den - The Rest

Here are the flowers and animals surrounding the Devil's Den area.  There is a wide variety of plant and animal life that makes this diverse ecosystem special.

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Devil's Den - The Outside

The area surrounding the Devil's Den is spectacular in its own right.

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Devil's Den - The Inside

In the Southern Oregon Coast Range lies the Devil's Den.  We didn't find the devil, but we found an adventure.

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Thunderbird Falls

Snooping around on lidar, I found a rocky canyon in the Umpqua Nation Forest with a waterfall in it.  I went in with low expectations and came out with an incredible experience with one of the most significant locations in the North Umpqua area. Read more

Upper Fall Creek Falls

I took a shot at a little-traveled waterfall above Fall Creek Falls, a popular location.  It was only 0.3 miles up the creek.  Should be a piece of cake, right?Read more

Point Reyes/Sugarloaf Ridge

We took a trip down to Northern California and saw some great things at Point Reyes and Sugarloaf Ridge.Read more

Ragged Ridge Wildflowers

I was snooping around looking for caves along Ragged Ridge and found a ton of flowers.  In total, I found at least 20 different types of wildflowers on this trip.

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Steamboat Area Waterfalls

I waded into the forests up Steamboat Creek and found a pretty cool waterfall, using lidar both at home and in the field. Read more