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Back to Castle Creek Again

This was supposed to be a short stop at Castle Creek, then off to other places.  Predictably, I spent all day there.


Back to Castle Creek

This is another trip back to Castle Creek.  Funny enough, it’s almost a year to the day from when I was back here last.


Castle Creek Macros

These are the photos of me experimenting with some macro settings on my new camera.   (more…)

Castle Creek – 2-24-12

I took another trip up Castle Creek and it delivered, as always.


Castle Creek

I took a trip up a nice little creek.  It was the first time I’d back up there in manny years and I had forgotten how special of an area it is.


Unnamed Waterfall – 2-24-12

I had a bit of extra time on the way back from Castle Creek, so I hit an unnamed waterfall.