Flat Rock Falls – extra

North waterfall first:

The rock the water comes over sort of rounds off so the height isn't apparent from below like the south waterfall is.  The huge trees just back from the falls also prevent much in the way of a view from afar.  Regardless, it's still really tall.


This section is between the two falls, but closer to the left.

Now for the south waterfall:

This is an incredibly tall waterfall that would measure in at over 300'.  Watson Falls is measured at 293' and this is definitely taller.  When at the bottom, I remember it straining my neck to look up.  A few years later, I went to Watson Falls for the first time and kind of shrugged.


The bottom section of that waterfall.  That shelf just above this where the main part of the waterfall drops straight into is pretty accessible.  I didn't have the energy to go up in there though.


Here's some crappy video I shot.


Heading back out and here's a look from the hill.  It's possible the north waterfall is actually a smidge taller but the rounded and sectional nature of it makes it look shorter from below.


This is my GPS track overlayed on a Google Earth images and Google Earth topo.

The big takeaway I remember from back then is that the geology was really impressive down there.  You can scramble really close to the north fall and basically stand under it if you want.  There are scramble opportunities in the area between.  The south fall has an area that is definitely accessible directly below it.  I did not have the energy to do that after what it took to get there.  It was only about 2.5 miles round trip, but it's a 1000' elevation change over just 0.5 miles on a line.

Here is the actual trip report:


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