I stumbled upon an interesting cave and took a look around.


As I climbed up, the misty view dissipated and was replaced by sun.


Looks can be deceiving.  That slit looks just a foot tall or so.  But as you move closer, it’s more like 3+ feet.  This little overhang is on the way to bigger things.


The only really interesting thing here is that pillar.


Back behind, there is a black growth on the back rocks.


This is two decaying pieces of wood.  With a little photo editing magic, their swirls are brought to life.


Like some sort of natural Van Gogh, these wood chunks are their own post-impressionistic works of art.

A short bit later, another small overhang.


There’s a slit that leads to a black area behind.


This is what I named Crack Cave.  It doesn’t look like much until you get closer.


The rocks here in the center are ~6-8′ tall.


The last photo is the right-hand section, which doesn’t get much play in this post.  It’s filled with collapsed rocks and doesn’t have a lot going on.  The left-hand side, however, is much more fascinating.


A great scene as we look back out into the sun and forest.


Around the bend on the left is this area.  That light shining is actually from the other side and where that small overhang bleeds through.


This big boulder sitting in the center of the room tells a lot of the story of this cave.  With its jagged walls and splintered rocks that have fallen from the ceiling, flat surfaces are few and far between.  Even the smallest flat surfaces.  However, this rock shows a smooth, flat surface on one side with a rougher surface on the other.  Behind it is…


…a comparably smooth wall.  I am not knowledgeable to know what exactly is going here from a geologic perspective, but this isn’t common in caves of the area.


Sorry for the blurriness, but there’s a seam running through the back wall.


There are a few places along the back wall that seep.


There’s an interesting chunk hanging down from the ceiling.


More of that black growth seen in the first overhang.


Here’s a 360 degree photo taken inside the cave near the center.  It’s not very big but is pretty cool.


Is that sand?


No, it’s an incredible amount of bat guano.  It is so thick, my feet sunk in.


Some mushrooms growing out of it.


A little collection from one of the pack  rats.  They collect all kinds of things.  I have a theory that they sometimes bring in leaves to scent their poop piles.  Speaking of smell, this cave reeked like Trucker’s Tea with the urine smell pretty overwhelming.


Here’s something odd.  It’s a root that is growing through the ground.  It is still attached to whatever plant or tree from somewhere else.