The area surrounding the Devil’s Den is spectacular in its own right.

Near the Devil’s Den, there are some caves.


Yeah, that looks legit.  I climbed down into this one regardless.


This vertical cave is another where the sandstone rock split, then drifted apart.  At some point, it opens up to a cliff face nearby, since it (at times) blasts out wind at 15-20 mph.  It’s a good 20-30 feet straight down.  There is a walkable path for a ways as the cave disappeared beyond where I could see.  I debated about descending down into the cave, as I was equipped with a climbing rope.  In the end, I didn’t think much interesting would be down there, but I definitely have not ruled out a return.

The last time I was there, I noticed an obvious cave near the above that I somehow, preposterously missed.  It was similar to this one.


This one is along a large wall with the entrance covered by graffiti.  There was a little inside.  It didn’t technically need a rope, but there wasn’t any solid way of knowing that before sliding down into it.  I’d guess that the people who used a Sharpie to write on the walls didn’t use a rope, but they technically don’t use their brains, either.  There’s not a lot to explore in this one but the walls had an interesting texture that didn’t show up well on the camera.


One of the more unique caves I have found.  It is remarkably boxy.


One of the more fascinating features through here is this rock.  It is rounded on top.

What makes it truly special is that directly behind it is this:

That entire rock broke off the wall, then flopped over.


Underneath that fallen rock, you can see what stopped its progress.


A lot of the holes in sandstone are from either rocks or harder pieces of sandstone falling out as the softer rock surrounding it erodes.


That darker oblong shape is a harder piece of sandstone that will eventually fall out.


This looks like a pretty creepy skull or an entombed Ghost Rider.


An obvious Pac-Man ghost after you eat the power pellet.


Looking up while in a crevice.  There are other caves, rocks, and spaces to explore that I haven’t gotten to yet.

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