We took a trip down to Northern California and saw some great things at Point Reyes and Sugarloaf Ridge.

This will be a text-light post, which will be nice for you skimmers.  This is by no means any attempt at a comprehensive detail of these locations.


Pretty good view from near a Subway.

We did some exploring of Sugarloaf State Park.


Here’s a shooting star.


There were some nice spots along the creek, including Sonoma Creek Falls.  This is a really nice place with some beautiful things to see and explore.  That said, some of the most striking images I took away were the unique houses on the road in.  They were beautiful, quirky, and well-kept.


This cool rock caught my attention.

We also hit the Wolf House, which is the ruins of a home in the forested hills that Jack London had built.  Wish we’d have had more time to explore the area around here.  Lots of trails and a really nice museum dedicated to not just London’s writing, but the rest of him as well.


I have to say that I was a little disappointed I could not walk on and around the ruins, but I understand and respected the rules.  This type of stuff is always fascinating to look at.

One of the days, we went west and hit the coast.  We’d never been to Point Reyes and it did not disappoint.  Truly one of my favorite places on the planet. Even the drive was outstanding.


Cypress trees lining the road to the Marconi radio station.  Yes, everyone who’s been here has a pic like this.  Now I do too.


Calla lilies growing near the station.

Onto the beach!


On to the beach!

(Which is correct in this instance? Both, I say!)


Yes, ice plants are not native and are a destructive invasive.  They are still really pretty and sit still for photos.  They also are everywhere here, unfortunately.


The beach geology was astounding.

And so was the ocean.

The unique thing about this beach is that the ocean crashes right down on top of you.  Typically, an average Oregon beach sees the water slowly creep up the sand.  Here, it crashes down 50′ away and every so often, the water absolutely erupts.  There are also sneaker waves constantly.