I took a trip up Little River to met up with Cooper Franklin and we hit some old favorites.

First off, we hit a waterfall I partially found a few years before, though I never explored it.


I first visited this waterfall back in 2012, after hearing the roar from the trial and realizing it wasn’t the known waterfall.  That time, I didn’t think it would be worthwhile to climb down to see it from below, nor did I realize it wouldn’t be hard.  Turns out, I was wrong and it’s a nice little waterfall.  Also turns out that there was a re-naturalized path down to it.  The path looked like it had grown over or been covered up at some point.


Clover Falls is a nice waterfall that is receptive to photography.


Looking back through my older pictures, I could not tell if this log had fallen between trips or if it was like this then.


This little slide fall is always nice.  There’s a smaller one a ways above this one, but it’s not the most interesting and it takes some time to get to, so we skipped it.


This one is pretty nice and would be a really photogenic waterfall under the right conditions.


Just down from that one was this.  We stood atop this waterfall and I surveyed my lidar map.  It showed what looked like a large waterfall between here and the road, though neither of us had remembered one being in there.  So, we headed down, then started making our way back up the creek.


This spot looked really familiar to me.


There are some really pretty spots through here.


This reminded us a bit of a tiny version of the Devil’s Staircase (Link 1 and Link 2).  This was also about 30′ upstream from where my wife and I were 8 years prior.  We turned around after I fell through a rotten log and got a concussion.


This trek wasn’t challenging, but it was really pleasant.


According to a waypoint on my GPS and the lidar map, this is where a large waterfall should be.  Behind that tree, you can see a sandy wall. Turns out, that’s the large cliff on the lidar map, though the creek doesn’t go over it.  Like any tool, proper use comes with practice.


This unnamed waterfall is really nice, though it takes some time to head back into.


We made our way back through the brush and headed out.  This was a really fun trip and I enjoyed meeting Cooper, who is a heck of a hiker and a good dude.


I believe this is a type of geranium, probably Herb Robert.


Some tiny orange bits of mold.  Guess they could be fungus, though.