A Sailor’s Guide to Sturgill Simpson

One of my favorite music artists is Sturgill Simpson.  I first ran across him 5-6  years ago and he was a really good musician that I never thought would break through the glass ceiling of straight country.

This is one of my favorite versions of this great song, though this version of him singing a song with that kind of religious and drug content at the Grand Ole Opry is pretty brave.  This would have caused them to burn Hank Williams Sr. at the stake.


A few years went by and I kind of forgot about him until a few months ago and saw a comment on YouTube somewhere that talked up his new album, A Sailor's Guide to Earth.  Upon first listen, I was hooked, as it was one of the best country music albums I had ever heard.  Except, it's not stereotypical country as most people think it.  Instead, it's just music.  Really good, really smart music.

The first 9 songs of this media player (from his website...it's legal...) are A Sailor's Guide to Earth.  It is a unique experience that ranges from Waylon Jennings to Pink Floyd to Soul music.  With little traditional radio play, Simpson's concept album raced up the charts, won some awards, and redefined what Outlaw Country could be.


Breaker's Roar Brace for Impact are probably my favorite songs on the record.

In this clip, it sounds like him and his band are trying to set something on fire across the room.

On top of the good music, he seems to be a pretty cool guy, as well:

"I think when you're dealing with any issues about trying to become a better human being, you have to look at a lot of things about yourself that maybe you don't want to or aren't able to. " ~Sturgill Simpson

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