It had been many years since I had been up Canton Creek so on a whim, I took a left and headed up, looking for find something interesting.

Canton Creek was actually my second choice.  The first choice was a return to Upper Susan Creek Falls.  Unfortunately, a log had fallen across the road, making it impossibly impassible.


This is a little cascade I found.


I turned away from the cascade and found the creek looking nice.

Further up the creek…


I thought this scenic little location was a good time to play with my phone…


This one is 360 degrees, so it’s about as much like being there as I can do.  Many of the adventures on this website focus around waterfalls, but I tend to find these creek locations more interesting.  Much more is happening than water falling off a rocky drop.

Now I am thinking about all the times I should have used this feature…


Back to the car and I stumble across a mushroom along the way in the in snow.

Further up the road, there wasn’t a lot of interesting things to get out and look at, so I simply enjoyed driving through the snow.  It wasn’t long and the tire tracks I was following turned off and I saw the one thing anyone who likes snow longs to see:

…no more tracks.  Whether on snowmobiling trips with my grandfather as a youngster or early morning excursions around town on the rare days it snows here in the Umpqua Valley or in the wild areas up in the mountains, making tracks through untouched snow is sublime.  I drove for a while until the ratio between snow height and pointless driving started working against me.

Once back to Steamboat Creek, I took a quick left.