After a decade away, I headed back to Lost Creek Falls.

Over the years, I’ve thought about Lost Creek Falls and going back, but the last time I went was just after it had been clear cut. Needless to say, that left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. A few weeks ago, I decided to head back in.


There were a few spots like this along the hike, in addition to some pretty big rocks that had fallen. This road is inevitably going to collapse in a few spots.


There are some pretty scenes along the walk.


It was freezing in the valley but a bit warmer in the mountains. That said, it was still cold where the sun didn’t shine. Some of the puddles froze in some really interesting ways.


I went into the falls from above and picked my way down. I stopped to take a picture of a nice mushroom (they didn’t turn out) and looked up to see a nice scene. Most of the time, the sun on a cold day is a reminder of nice things. In this instance, it reminded me that if this had never been clear cut, the sun wouldn’t be pouring through like that since this is near the edge of the cut.


Cool looking spot on a small creek flowing just down from the forest picture.

Back down to the falls:

While walking along the path, I noticed a tremendous amount of ice down near where the waterfall hit and thought it might be good to get some unique pictures.


flowers, Macro

I like this picture a lot. But…you can see the thin line of trees that made up the riparian boundary when they cut it. While down at the bottom, you are less evident of the drastic change but it still is obvious unless you’re looking directly at the cavern.


I added in color to try and show the difference as a comparison. I like the way it turned out (without the flash). Stupidly, I only took this one with the flash off (most of the ice ones above had flash). I turned the flash back on and the rest turned out terribly.

Off to the right, I saw something interesting:

I saw these icicles off to the side and assumed they were frozen grass strands. The initially looked interesting, so I snapped a quick picture.


Oddly, there is no grass; they’re just vertical icicles with nothing inside. I honestly have never seen anything like it. After taking one picture, I turned back, slightly confused, and kept taking other pictures. I think I was caught off-guard, if not stunned. In retrospect, I probably should have stayed with the ice strands.


Cropped to better see the ice.


While it was fun to look for other angles and spots of ice to photograph, it was also really cold and also wet from the waterfall spray, so I needed to move on.

Back to the rest of the location…


Waterfalls, water

Another shaky, walk-along video. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. Either way, I’ll probably keep taking these until the death threats start.

Looking back at the prior Lost Creek Falls post.