White Trilliums

This is a collection of photos taken of four different white trilliums.  These are great flowers.  Lots of textures, lots of nice things going on, visually.

It's not to say that these are rare, because they are pretty common.  But they are such a nice site to see due to their uniqueness.  They look bland from a distance, but up close, they give show off their complexity.  One interesting fact about trilliums is that if one part of the plant is damaged, they entire thing often dies.  They are incredibly fragile.

The first one was found a couple years ago by Cavitt Lake:

Now a few color filter, artsy shots.

Green color filter applied.  This look gives off the impression of life springing through the dead branches and reeds.

Red color filter applied to these three.  The red filter gives off the impression of death or clinging to life. Honestly, I generally dislike it when people try and interpret things to give them meanings, but that's what pops into my head when I look at these.  Interesting that you can get opposing views from the same flower.

The next one was found recently on the side of a hill on the way to Jack Falls.

These were with green or red filters, the ones with shadows had the flash on.

This next two flowers were found recently while off-trail near Shadow Falls:

High contrast monochrome for the first one, green filter for the second (though it really doesn't look filtered.

Different flower, same trail below:

These used some color as a filter, yellow probably.  I don't remember.  I just click it through all the colors, see what looks cool, snap the picture.  This last one looks like an ornate, lighted torch, especially on the 2nd photo down.

This last one was found while snooping off-trail along Emile Creek:

It wasn't raining, but it was really wet.

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