Here’s a sleepy walk up the North Umpqua River I took last summer.

The last one had the color filter on.  It was tough to get a decent frame while keeping leaves and dirt from floating by without falling in while clinging to a narrow ledge.


If you zoom in, you’ll see swarms of fry.


More fish fry.  They respond more to movement than sight.  They’d scatter as I crept up, but thought nothing of me or my bright orange camera reflecting in the water a foot away (at least once it sat in one spot for a minute).

I was sure I took about 50 pictures of the fish, but only came home with about 15.  It’s tough to tell when you actually take a picture while shooting with the camera underwater.


Orange and black caterpillar that I fished out of the river.  Rumor has it that these are poisonous.  They are not.  It’s a Woolly Bear caterpillar and it will turn into an Isabella Tiger moth. They are pretty interesting.


Mussel bed underwater.  And just next to it is…


…the dinner table for a river otter.

Here is some video and a few stills to close this one out.