This is another sleepy walk up an cool part of the North Umpqua River.

Here is a post I’ve been procrastinating on for…oh, about a year. These were all taken over the 40 minutes I had leftover from one of the Castle Creek trips last year.


No, that’s not a bug, alive or dead.  You may remember the absurdly camouflaged mayfly nymph from the Little River Rock Area post.  This is what their casing looks like after they’ve matured and left it to rot.  Doesn’t make it any less icky, does it?


Here’s a closeup of that previous mayfly nymph.

Okay, onto the river.


This section of river I was on today isn’t the best it has to offer, but it is still pretty nice.

I just noticed that motor home photobombing this picture.  They’re evolving from just ruining nice drives to ruining photos as well.  What’s next?


Here’s a lazy looking spot.  There is some pretty heavy weathering through here, too.

Right behind that lazy spot was this:

So…was the river flowing at a greater volume or was this the gradual lowering of the riverbed?  Both.

Out in the center was this little nub:

When I see this picture, I only think of everything that’s not in it after I zoomed in a ways.


Every spot along this river is beautiful in its own way.

A ways below that was a nice little rapid that provided an opportunity:

Right as I turned around, there was this area.  They are very picturesque in person but hard (for me, anyway) to capture with a photo.


Across the river was this, which gave off some dark and foreboding vibes.


At the end, I found this little gem as I was running out of time.  I had to take a few videos because loud vehicles kept driving by.  None of the photos turned out worthwhile.