This is a collection of a couple trips I took up Rock Creek looking for two waterfalls that are hard to get to.

This was taken near the Dixonville area.  As cool as this looks, back where the fog is thickest is a storage facility for tractors and such.  It looked completely different once the fog was gone and the tractors and buildings were visible.


Mt. Scott, but not the one by Crater Lake.  It was tough to keep the house along the bottom out of the frame and still keep the shot.


A nice spot along Rock Creek just off of Zig Zag Creek.


Underwater.  Bubbles.  Cold.


Down there is a fairly interesting waterfall.


There it is.  It’s not steep to get down there.  It’s sheer.  But it looks like it might be kind of special.  The most logical way to get to it is to head up the creek starting about a mile downstream.  I wasn’t prepared for this adventure, especially in icy conditions.  (Note – I went into this one later.)

These next ones are Cobble Creek Falls, which is down a ways from Zig Zag Creek.  This one is sorta visible, definitely audible, from the main road.  I dropped down above it and climbed down to get a better look. It was not fun getting down.  This was on a trip where it was exceptionally cold.


I didn’t add any blue or use any special filters.  This waterfall is in a hole and the winter sun wasn’t having any of my nonsense today.  This is the lower bit, probably only 1/3 of the total waterfall.   The rest is a small chute that twists away from this vantage point.  It was surprisingly pretty.  I took a fair amount of time and effort to cross the creek, hoping there would be a nice viewpoint over there.


…there wasn’t…It was about 25 degrees and everything was pretty well frozen.  There was a potential viewpoint higher up the steep and rolling rock to the right of this, but it was not worth the risk with the rocks being coated in ice.  This is especially true as moving that direction would further cut down the view of this complicated waterfall.


And we end with a couple frozen fungi shots.  I couldn’t see the screen when taking these, so I’m happy with how they turned out.