Lots of fungus among us on the Dread and Terror portion of this trip.  Mushrooms are good subjects because they have multiple complex features with differing textures. Better than that, though, they hold still.

A large, decaying coral fungus.  About the size of half a basketball, it was truly massive.


What was I thinking about while taking this picture? This song:


One of my favorite songs.  Truly beautiful.

The following are a couple of the above mushrooms seen through various color filter settings.


The larger mushroom does a good job at striking a pose.

This next one isn’t a mushroom.


This picture is probably upside down, but it looks better this way, especially since it isn’t straight-forward what it even is.  I sat for a solid 20-25 minutes trying to get this picture, which is a very long time for me.  I don’t think I spent more than 15 minutes at any of the 3 waterfalls along this trail. It took 4-5 minutes for the water drop to refill on the tiny plant. It took a bit to figure out the effect, then to try and capture it. T his is pretty close to what I wanted.  To put it another way, it was close enough for my general lack of patience.  I got bored and moved on to other things…

These very tiny mushrooms were under a log next to Loafer Creek.  I had to climb under the log just to get to them.


This was about as perfect of a setting for these types of pictures as you can get. The lone one at the top will be the center of some of the later shots.

Here are some color filter shots.


I like each of these four of the individual mushroom, but the red one is my favorite of them.

Onto a different mushroom that is decaying in an interesting way:


This was a fairly large one, but not as big as this forced perspective shot makes it out to be.


From the top, it looks sad, from the bottom, powerful.

I found these two on a tree as I was doing a guess-and-check to find a shortcut back to the car.  They were growing on the side of a tree, head-high.


I would have gotten a better shot but my battery died and the spares were in the car.  And yes, there’s a really small bug in there. Isn’t there always?