Upper North Umpqua Waterfalls

Here are some various waterfall shots from the Dread and Terror trip that didn't fit well into that report.

This is making a mess.  Each year, the water eats away more ground.  Eventually, some large rocks are going to tumble down, along with some large trees.


This is Williams Creek, if I remember correctly.

This is a mostly seasonal waterfall right on Hwy 138.  That thin horsetail behind it is pretty tall.

Almost directly across the river was this little gem.  This turned out a lot better than I thought.  There was no way to get those trees out of the way and still keep the precious angle.

Whitehorse Falls.  I was not impressed.

Clearwater River lives up to its name.

At least looking down.  Underwater (cooooooold), it was a lot murkier than I expected.  (Note - Much about this river reminds me of the Green Pool, which I found a few years later.)

This is from the platform in front of Clearwater Falls.  I like the 2nd one quite a bit.

Clearwater Falls is a pretty cool waterfall.  Very, very pretty.  I really like this immediate area.

Clearwater Falls is pretty cool.

I decided to try and hit nearby Lemolo Falls.  I didn't get there (later I realized that I was on the wrong trail), but I got to this nice, small unnamed waterfall along the river.

From downstream.

I came to a larger cascade with a cavern behind it and was going to head down until I saw a guy peeing into the river in there.  I then decided just to head back...

Nice little view of the bottom of the forest on my way back to the car.

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