I recently took two trips to Hemlock Creek, specifically the trail that leads between Hemlock Lake and Lake in the Woods. It’s the first time I’d been back since this trip 2 years ago.

On the first trip, I came in from the Hemlock Lake side, which is decidedly uphill.  After you walk down a just a bit, you can here the roar from a waterfall.  I had wondered the last time if this was Cedar Falls, but I had doubts.  This time I was equipped with a handheld GPS, it was obvious this was something different as the two places were quite a ways apart.

I crept through the forest for a ways and found this:

I popped out on top of what looks to be about a 30′ waterfall that leads almost directly into another fall.  It did not look like it was very attractive so I didn’t bother getting a better picture than this mind bender.


The second focuses on the bit of grass that’s really bright in the first picture.  I didn’t really change any settings, but it turned some ordinary grass into a pretty cool chunk of turf.


What a pretty little spot, so serene, so peaceful, so…


…so…so…butterfingery.  Every trip, there’s always garbage laying around.  Almost without exception.  “Hey let’s go enjoy nature and leave garbage lying around.”


I was so mesmerized by the Butterfinger wrapper that I nearly missed this Tiger Lilly just a few feet away.  And if you’ve ever read any of my other postings, you know what’s next.  Predictably…


This last one causes the flowers to remind me of either an elegant lantern from Asia or a Lovecraftian monster.  Both are quite alright in my book.


Just missed on the framing.  The sun was directly in my eyes and I could hardly see the camera, let alone what was on the screen.

If you notice on all the above shots of the flower, there are a few buds ready to burst.


These were taken a week later.


The weird thing about this waterfall is that the water actually falls.  Few waterfalls are straight drops, but Clover is mostly sheer.

The next two offer a very different take on the falls:

They both have a 70’s feel to them, with the second being my favorite.


Some highlighted grass with a waterfall struggling to peek through the darkness.

With that, I headed back down the trail to the car.  Along the way…


This Tributary Falls and it sits just below the bridge.  It wasn’t actually that bad but I couldn’t find any clear views without getting wet.


On the first trip, I came in from the top, while on the second, I came in from the bottom.  This was taken on my way out of the area and I’m almost positive that the large pole leaning on the right-hand side of the bridge was not there when I went through earlier.  Yet I passed no one…

Anyway, I had more time, so I stopped in at nearby Yakso Falls, hoping to find something interesting.  I didn’t.  I really like the trail and I enjoy being there, but trying to take pictures there…


…just no.  Not a fan of the place from that standpoint.  Frustrated again by the lightingmy own limitationsthis waterfall, I started heading back to the trail to go home.  I gave one last glance toward the pool at the base of the falls and I noticed a butterfly drop into the drink.  I’m guessing the gusty wind off the falls is what did it.  I turned back toward the trail and took a couple steps, then paused.  I turned around and grabbed a stick and fished it out.  While the pine butterfly dried its wings, I snapped a few pics.


Some similar photographs, all with some differences in framing, light, etc.  On a couple of those, when you look at the full-sized picture, you can see its hair clumped together by the water, as well as water drops on its wings.  Even when we’re having a bad day, there is always time to help others less fortunate or when things go bad for them.