I headed up Little River to check out Cedar Creek Falls

Flowers first!


I believe these succulents are Oregon stonecrop, a fairly common plant that typically grows on or around rocks.

Time for some color filter abuse:

The two directly above are the same shot, but first one had the flash shooting from the bottom and the second had the flash shooting from the top.


The color filter was actually set on red for all of these.

On to the water!


I thought about climbing up to shoot the sun through the water, but the water was cold and the wind was picking up, which was spraying water everywhere.  This waterfall pours over a high rock cliff and those always give me the heebie-jeebies anyway.


The falls are right by the road, but they’re tucked back and up away from it.


A little video.  A lot of time I forget to take video of these places and this time I consciously told myself to remember to take video as I climbed up to it.  The last few screens turned out a lot better than their photographic counterparts of similar composition.