I had a bit of extra time on the way back from Castle Creek, so I hit an unnamed waterfall.

Because of the water levels, there were quite a few roadside falls, but this one was worth pausing for.  This is an unnamed waterfall right on the side of the road that sits in a hole between two rock cliffs.  It sits at the end of tiny Redman Creek, which shows they haven’t gotten around to changing all of the old, racist names.


The rocks at the pullout next to the car.


One thing I wish I would have done here is taken some video, as it was really roaring with all the cascades in that little hole.

And here begins the onslaught of macro shots with the color filter…


These photos make me want to eat a salad.


Like I said, side of the road.  Quite a few cars were whizzing by as I wandered around in there.  I’m glad I wasn’t in as big of a hurry as they were today.