Here’s a quick trip to Yakso Falls and also an unnamed waterfall.

Vine Maple.  Not a good picture, but they’re a good tree.  Probably my favorite tree, or at least tied with madrones.


This is the spray from the bottom of Yakso.


This is how every single picture of the falls turned out this time: the top and bottom were dark with a light stripe in between.  It was gorgeous out and the shadows were nowhere near this bad in-person or on the camera screen while taking them.  Out of about 150 pictures taken of Yakso Falls on this trip, only 2 turned out to the point where I didn’t want to print them off only to burn them.  Of the ones in the ‘NO’ folder, this one had enough of an interesting look to post.

The falls are in the Hemlock Lake area, which seems to harbor snow through most of the year.  Even though it was early June, the thigh-high water I had to wade through to get to this side was very, very cold from continued snow runoff.  It reminds me of the time we got stuck in the snow in late May/early June years before at a moderate elevation.


An effect shot using the sun through the spray from the falls.


Even mediocre underwater pics are cool.  This was taken using my DiCAPac bag, which works well.  I think this summer I’m going to spend some snorkel time with the new camera and get some underwater pictures.


This is the creek further down the road.


On the way back, we hit this unnamed waterfall along the side of the road. And as poorly as the pictures from the first half of the trip turned out, the ones from the second half were more satisfying.


For some reason, these two pictures remind me of the ‘Alien’ movies. (Aliens 3 being my personal favorite, in case you were wondering…)  Are these photos from ‘Sprayliens’?




Literally right along the road.