Willow Creek – The Verdict

The journey detailing all of the unnamed waterfalls along Willow Creek has now been completed.  It is located near the Grotto Falls area of the Little River drainage.


Waterfall #1



Waterfall #2



Waterfall #3



Waterfall #4

This is probably the tallest waterfall on this section and probably the whole creek.  The water plunges off an immense and intimidating rock wall. This was one of the coolest spots I've been to that I didn't find a beer can laying around.

Let's set the timer and take a picture:

Too slow...


This is my dad, Duane Cannon, and I on one of these trips.

Waterfall #5

This one is the last waterfall on this section of the creek.  It is probably about 40-50' high.  It is also the prettiest, at least in a dainty sort of way.  Terrible lighting for this picture.  This was not an easy place to both get to or get out of.  Above here, the creek zig-zags along until you get to the swamp that feeds it.

Here are a couple other memorable spots I came across up there:

This is a small drop just above the last waterfall.  Very, very pretty spot.

Waterfall #6

This is a small ~10' waterfall on Willow Creek.  It was a nice little find during a hike that wasn't a whole lot of fun at this point.

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  1. Thanks! The path ends after the 2nd waterfall. As far as how difficult it is, that's sort of relative. I don't think it's too bad, but others would think it fairly prohibitive. I will say that you'll need to cross the creek a few times. As you go up, here's been my strategy: Along the right for the first 2 unnamed falls, along the left until you get to #4 (the tall one). Along the right to climb that spot, then cross just before the creek bends as you come up on #5. Same path back.

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