This is a collection of pictures from 2 or 3 trips to the waterfalls on Willow Creek.  It is located near the Lookout Mountain/Emile area of the Little River drainage.

The first waterfall has a small cavern behind it.  It’s pretty loud in there.


Here’s my dad’s (Duane Cannon),dog, Joey, who came along for one of these trips.


This is the second fall above Grotto.  Not only are the falls up here not named, the creek isn’t name either.


Same waterfall, different vantage point.  Different day, too.  This was taken on the 3rd trip up there and I thought it turned out well-enough that next time I shouldn’t even waste my time taking more pictures of it.


I’m a big fan of wasting time.  This one turned out nicely even though I almost didn’t pause to take the photo because I already had a bunch of it from earlier trips.  Outside of the knowing about it and the getting there, these pictures are really easy to take. The object is beautiful enough that you only have to concentrate on framing and holding still.  This might be the prettiest waterfall in this area.  There are actually 3 waterfalls right in this little spot. Because of the terrain and the trees right next to the camera in this shot, I don’t think there’s a way to get all 4 in view without levitating like Dr. Strange.

This is where the trail ends.  Even without the snow, it’s not the easiest terrain.  In a foot-plus of snow…


One of these years, I’ll come back up here and that log will no longer be teetering on the edge.


This is a really cool area directly above the previous fall.  It is a tiny little valley that has some huge rocks, a short fall, a slide fall, winding creek.  It’s a great spot to catch your breath.  I’ve tried to take pictures and even a movie of it, but nothing turns out.  I’ve found myself enjoying these situations more and more, as it is something I get to keep for me.


This is the next fall above the 2nd one.  Because of the deep snow (above knee depth in some spots), the face shot of the fall is all I’ve gotten.  To get a good side-of-the-hill, scamper shot, you’re just relying too much on luck to prevent falling.

I figured there were more falls above the 2nd one, but didn’t think they’d be this cool.  This fall is in the 30-45′ range and is raging pretty powerfully at this point.  Looking at the topo maps, I am certain there are a couple more above this.  Looking at the 200′ rock wall above this fall that the creek has gouged out, I’m thinking one of those remaining falls is going to be pretty hefty.  But, with the snow making travel just too difficult (and dangerous) at this point, it can wait until summer.


This is above that last fall.  The bit of snow made the rock look like some type of green dessert.  Yummy.