This is from a family camping trip at Diamond Lake over Labor Day back in 2007.

These images are posted a bit out of order.  The date is wrong on the image files and I don’t trust the image numbers, so I kind of clumped them together how they best fit.  This is one of the sets which I deleted off my computer by accident, “Empty Recycle Bin” and all.  Last time I checked, there were 25 or so that I was pretty fond of.  Now I’m down to 11.  Either some were lost forever or I’m pickier now.


This is also the first post comprised of pictures from our old camera, an HP Photosmart 435, which had a robust 3.1mp capability.


This started out as me trying to take pictures while facing a blazing morning sun.  I tried to hide the sun behind a tree so I could take a picture of the lake and realized the interesting effect it created.


This ranks as one of my favorites.  It’s hard to tell if it’s a bright morning or at night while the aliens are abducting some hapless soul.


This is more what I was attempting to do in the first place.