We went camping and did a little fishing up the North Umpqua.


This isn’t me.  Not only am I better looking, but my fish was bigger, too.  All things being equal, Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey is an infinitely better fisherman than I am.


Unfortunately, this is me.  After catching an 8-10 inch rainbow trout, I managed to catch a 200-pound idiot.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a little purple spot next to the pliers.  That’s the end of the hook trying to poke through my skin.  Needless to say, I quickly learned how to secure the hook to the rod while heading back to the river bank instead of letting it dangle.


This is an impressive bug and much larger than the dozens of insects that flew into the refried beans.  Word to the wise: never set the lantern next to the cookstove and not expect a little extra protein.


This picture was taken either right before or right after I slipped and landed with equal parts on hard rocks, warm stagnate water, and cold river water.  I don’t think any of the four of us caught much of anything during this stretch.  However, to the right of the rocks in this photo, the fish were jumping by the dozen.


I finally got a quality chance to use the DiCAPac case underwater camera protector I bought a few months ago.


Jeremiah took this photo of the salamander hanging out to the lower right.  I couldn’t get a good shot due to my unwillingness to fully submerge myself in the Arctic waters of this small creek.


Proof of the frigid temperature of the water.  (Note – 8 years later, where the heck are those shorts?!?  I love those things.)


Which fish is uglier?  If you say the one on the top, you lose.


I was sure I took more pictures of the three rainbow trout hanging around us, but this was the only one that showed up.  The underwater case makes it difficult to see the screen on the camera and also press the button.  I know some of Jeremiah’s pics ended up the same way as well as more of my better trout shots.


Best I can tell, this is when I ran into an iceberg and fell in the creek, causing my finger to press the button as I slipped into the frozen abyss.