We decided to take a trek up the South Umpqua River to Campbell Falls.

We headed the river to a little pull-out and the sign for Campbell Falls.  I’d been there before but that time the water was too high to cross over to the island and the falls sit on the far side.  They are fairly impressive, but the falls face away from everything but the opposite river bank.  In other words, the only way to properly see them is to cross the river, which can only be done by wading or swimming.  The water was moving pretty fast, so I hiked up stream about 100 yards and waded knee-high across the river.  Once back down where the action was, the water was flowing so hard, the ground slightly shook when I was right next to the series of falls.

Campbell is a bit different in that there isn’t one waterfall, but it’s more of a cluster of some small cascades, a couple smaller waterfalls, and a tight rapid.




Campbell Falls