Along the East Fork of the Coquille hides a cool spot along the river.

It’s one of those spots people drive by without much knowledge of what is below.  This is partly because of the one-lane windy road and steep drop-off. If you take too long to see what’s down there while driving by, you’re going to get a really close look at it. We’ve been trying to find a way down to the river on the off-side, but have had no success.  It is easily accessible on the side with the road, though.   At this point, the East Fork of the Coquille heads downhill quickly and funnels through a tight canyon filled with car-sized boulders, some larger than that.


There are no real trails, but it isn’t overly difficult to rock hop up and down the river.

There is quite a bit of green down there, but unfortunately, most of those pictures didn’t turn out all that well, so we’re stuck with a lot of rocks and water.  I did find an old bleach bottle sitting in a nearby creek, however.  After some research, it turns out to be 77 years old.  Perfect condition, too.