We took a hike up the first two miles of the Swiftwater segment of the North Umpqua Trail today.

It was about 60 and a very nice, sunny day.  The trail was extremely muddy in some spots, but fairly easy going overall.  We passed some hikers, some dogs, some runners, though we did come across one mystery.  We waded through a mud long pit, then turned the corner to find a man walking towards us about 0.5 miles in.  First odd thing is that he was wearing dress shoes, silver slacks, a white shirt, and a sport coat draped over his shoulder.  As he walked past us, him and I exchanged a quite “Hi”, then I stared at his feet, noticing not a single speck of dirt on his shiny shoes.  Just around the next corner, was another of the many mud pits, both behind him and in front of him.  And he didn’t have a spot of mud on him anywhere…makes you wonder…

The moss on the trees was very photogenic and every step felt deemed to force a snap.  Today was the first day I felt like my camera let me down. I felt like I took at least 50 good tree shots, but only a few turned out because of the Nikon L18’s inconsistent ability to pick up color.  Frustrating, but it was $90 and it takes great pictures 90% of the time.

The falls are Fern Falls and that’s where we turned around at.  It was the first time I used my Gorillapod tripod, which after 6+ years of trying to take photos without one, kinda felt like cheating.  On the other hand, it was fun knowing that the only reason a picture didn’t turn out well wasn’t because the camera was shaking.  Here are the photos: